Classic Yunnan Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour (6 nights/7 days)

Destination included: Kunming, Dali and Xishuangbanna.

Attractions features: culture of Mahayana Buddhism and Hinayana Buddhism.

Day 01: arrive in Kunming which is reputed as "Spring City" because of the pleasant climate all year round and big variety of flowers, city tour, visit the East and West Temple Pagodas which were built during the 9th century, Golden Horse and Jade Rooster Archways which are among the landmarks of Kunming city, Flower & Bird Market and Nanping Pedestrian Commercial Street, Yuantong Temple (Mahayana Buddhism) which is located in downtown. (O/N: 4-star hotel in Kunming)

Day 02: visit Dragon Gate Grottos and Mahayana Buddhist temple on Western Hills which is a forest park and as the outline of the hills looks like a lady lying down and trailing her hair in Dianchi Lake, it is nicknamed "Sleeping Beauty", ascending the hills, you can pay pilgrimages to Taoist gods and Buddhas and also enjoy a bird's eye view of Kunming city and the lake, after that, visit Bamboo Temple which is a Mahayana Buddhist temple famous for the life-sized 500 clay statues of Arhats (Buddhists who have attained Nirvana). (O/N: 4-star hotel in Kunming)

Day 03: fly to Dali (30 minutes) in early morning, on arrival, drive to Xizhou which is a typical Bai-populated town and it is 18 kilometers away from the old town of Dali, visit Shacun Village which has thousands of years of history of cormorant-fishing and take a boat ride (1 hour) on Erhai Lake which is 40 kilometers long with crystal clear waters and isles, meanwhile, watch cormorant-fishing show, then visit the Bai ethnic minority's traditional residences there, after lunch, drive back to the old town of Dali, on the way, visit Three-Pagoda Park which is made up of a large complex of Buddhist temples and it is famous for the 3 imposing pagodas, then visit the old town of Dali, feel the laidback atmosphere on the "Foreigners' Street". (O/N: 4-star hotel in Dali)

Day 04: drive to Chicken Foot Mountain (90 km, 1.5 hrs) which is one of the most famous Buddhist mountains in China, visit Mountain Gate, Zhusheng Temple where meals and hostel are provided, after lunch, take a walk of 5km to cable car station and take cable car to Golden Summit, visit Golden Summit Temple, after that, go back to Zhusheng Temple where you will overnight. (O/N: hostel on Chicken Foot Mountain)

Day 05: after breakfast, visit Pagoda Temple, then Drive to Dali airport and fly to Jinghong, visit Mengle Temple which is the biggest Hinayana Buddhist Temple in China and it was originally built by a Dai king in memory of a princess who believed in Buddhism all her life and died of disease. (O/N: 4-star hotel in Jinghong)

Day 06: drive to Ganlanba (31 km, 1 hr), visit Dai Ethnic Minority Garden which is made up of local Dai ethnic minority villages and Hinayana Buddhist temples, then visit Manting Park which is situated in downtown Jinghong and it was the imperial garden of the former Dai people's king, you can also find Hinayana Buddhist temples built inside it. (O/N: 4-star hotel in Jinghong)

Day 07: fly to Kunming (50 minutes), depart.

Quotation: US$1,053 per person (2 persons)

Tour Inclusions:

1. Entrance fees to scenic spots

2. Twin room based on double occupancy in hotels & hostel

3. Buffet for breakfasts, Chinese food for involved lunches

4. Air-conditioned vehicles

5. Air tickets for flights inside Yunnan

6. English-speaking guides

Tour Exclusions:

1. Visa fees

2. Dinners

3. International or domestic air tickets for flights to and from Yunnan

4. Excess baggage charges

5. Tips and personal expenses

6. Single room supplement

7. Travel insurance

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